CZ wrist-mounted flame projector


CZ wrist-mounted flame projector
Range (Heavy), dam 8, crit 2, range short, encum 1, HP-1 (uses one HP), price 800 canisters 30
special: Burn 3, Blast 1 (cone 4m long, 1m wide), 3 min with fuel canisters in backpack or at belt.

Orginal model (page 160)
Flame projector
Ranged (Heavy), dam 8, crit 2, range short, encum 6, HP2, price 1000, rarity 6,
special Burn 3, blast 8

Burn X: weapon base damage in X rounds. Can stop the damage by rolling on the ground (agility check as an action. Average ** coordination check on hard surfaces and easy * on grass or soft ground.) Lots of water stop the effect.

CZ wrist-mounted flame projector

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