It’s hard to recall whos idea it was, but it certainly wasn’t good, Zinni thought as he strolled down the storage area. The pay put was meager and hardly covered the costs – even worse; there was any return jobs.
Dal did what he could to peruse the local area nets, that Paky used his sleek tongue, but to no avail. They had to leave Kuat and the Drive Yards, without a job. Little did they know, it was hiding right under their nose… litterally.

As everybody was making ready for take off, they had to put their quirky old, perhaps former assassin droid to work or it would go crazy… well more crazy at least. Everything looked quiet and fine, as Droid – the only term GE-9 went under these days – did the final sweep of the port cargo bay, then… something. Droid Spun around and kicked crate aside and trained it’s gun on the person revealed – facing a gun pointing back. “Don’t point gun at droid. You die”
“Stop” – Paky Wageco, the ships likable doctor and smooth talker numero uno interupted. “Lets see what the man has to say for himself, before we end him”
“Droid think we can just make some holes in him, without ending him!”

After clearing it up with the stowaway they gathered that he was an Imperial Engineer who desperately wanted to get away from Kuat, carrying a package. A price was negotiated and preperations to leave was made – then came the lock down. Alarms, lights and klaxons went of as all ships were instructed to power down and remain at dock. The stowaway case, was now a fugitive on the run.

Dr. Wakego silver tongue stalled as Zeeck spooled up the engines. As several Imperial ships were closing in, the crew made a break for it, and before any serious hit could connect, they made their escape.

Back on Nar Shaddaa, the smuggler moon, the crew expected to get paid after Jansons contact was handed the goods – but as it turned out he was a no show. Manily because you don’t get to go places, with 16 blaster holes in you, at the bottom trenches of the unsavory moon.

Eyeing yet another business opportunity, the crew started rifling thrugh their humble network, that was at least more tangible than Janssons. Now the probability of anything happening on Nar Shaddaa that will eventually invovle Hutts, has a probability infinitly close to 1 – and this was not one of those 0.000000012 percent chances.

In an attempt to both count their blessings(and curses) and keeping their enemies close, they contacted Sinasu the Hutt. This was the time for big business… or so they thought.

After the meeting was arranged, the crew soon learned that they weren’t invited. Several plans developed to be a part of the meeting.
“you know, we could just wait and see” Paky suggested.
There was this certain kind of akward silence, that only happens when people hear something completely rational and sound, but simply fail to agree, which also led to the most classic of interventions:
“but…” said noone in paticular.
Yet that is how it came to be.

Later Sinasu contacted the crew of the Edikus Morti. He had a most important mission for them They were handed a small metallic suit case, and was instructed to fly it to Audririn, at Pespos 5 to deliver it at the Darrenhove Warehouse. under no circumstances were they allowed to look in the suitcase.
That is exactly what Dal wanted.

He started fingering the lock intently and started to get out his kit.
“So, you know, we should have a look just to be sure what it is were are dealing with, right?” he said, not really waiting for the reply, just in case it was negative.
It was.
Snatching the suitcase out of his hands, Paky gave the unwanted reply “No, we are going to take this suitcase to it’s destienation, as promised, without looking in it, as promised- and then we are going to have our pay day…”
“…As promised?” Dal mocked him “You know I could totally look in it, with out anyone knowing about it”
Paky gave him a stern look “But you would still have looked in it”
Dal obviously failed to see the point, but also gave up arguing it.

Then it happened. The very thing they tried to avoid: An Imperial inspection.
It was a small frigate, with a fighter compliment big enough to evaporate the Edikus Morti 4 times over. They powered down the engines and allowed the frigate to dock. Aboard came 6 Stormtroopers and a customs inspections officer – now it was paramount not to let anything slip and hope he had no idea what a chance of a catch he had happened upon.
“Where is the suitcase?”
No such luck.

The officer knew what he was after. The crew did what they could to feign ignorance, feigned insanity, ran distractions. Little did it help. The officer tore the place apart, ruining the bacta load they had onboard, and tearing inner hull plates of the cockpit. He even singled out every crew member and some had a cavity search – an obvious scare tactic, as it would obviously yield no result in a search for a suit case. Despite all, the officer eventually gave up with the notion that he just might have gotten the wrong ship or that they set up a hand off before he could get to them.

Finally free of the scrutiny and humiliation of the empire, the Edikus Morti landed at it’s destination and the search for the Darrenhove Warehouse – which proves to be quite easy. Upon arrival, they first scouted out the the premises. Zinni went on the roof and spied them out – everything seemed to run smooth if not a bit sluggish. So they announced their pressence…

No one reacted

Finally they got the attention of the tennants who flat out refused to have any idea of what was going on. They knew nothing about a suit case and no idea who Sinasu the Hutt was.

This is when the reality started to swan on the crew.
“oh blast” Paky exclaimed “It’s empty”
“What is?” Zeeck had yet to fathom it, so Paky added:
“We are the decoy run”
“Can i open the damn suitcase now” Dal interjected
“Don’t mind if you do”

Despite the fact that 5000 cr was waiting for them upon their return, it didn’t seem like much for what they had been through. Plus that unshakeble feeling of being a small cog in a large machinery. The crew soon made arrangements for their next job, and tried to put the experinces from this odd job, behind them.


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